Sculpture: Clay Ladies, Steel Men

Metal and Ceramic, Male and Female. They are intended for the open air to suffer or benefit from exposure. The challenge is to integrate Clay and Metal; connecting joints, welds, bolts, sheet, slab, and intense heat with position and good fit. The Dramatic Scenes are a mix of Human, Animal, Mathematical, Mechanical, Physical, Biological, Myths and Tales. Each piece is unique.

Boobs and Bums
Please look at these amusing sculptures for sale. Fired Clay. Welded Steel. They are for sceptics of MODERN ART and are unique. Not ANTI-ART as the Anarchist but the Amused, the Anthropomorphic. There is nothing intentionally salacious but maybe ribald. Everyone is naked here ... just for you to ponder ...clothes? You need a biggish purse to buy, so please look carefully. Good value. Nothing moulded, only reproducible by authorised camera. Full-size to half-size. Full-size heads available.

These naked clay ladies grow old and become distressed. They exist en plein air, one or two for 20 years. You get what you see. Even more, I hope ... bird nests, spider webs, wasp bykes, mouse nests, lichen, moss, stray seedling and more. Bits can fall off, if small boys play, but so far frost damage free.

Please enquire. Email the sculptor.


Tree Huggers

Early daysEnthusiastic Tree Hugger with lichen
Tree Huggers busy huggingTree Huggers with Tits Nest inside and Lichen and Moss outside



Fickle BeautyRear view
Diogenes hiding and Girl Friend Beauty with LichenDiogenes's Friend with Rhododendron and Lichen



ClothesInside, inside ClothesShowing Flesh under Clothes


Ophelia and the Last Flower

Ophelia and the last flower


Pregnant Pause

Pregnant pausePregnant pause 'reflection'Pregnant pause 'my wildest dream'



Creation from aboveCreation on a hill


Pandora's Box

"Hello China""I'm out of here" Threesome


Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe Ecosse

DSHE and lifeboatDSHE relationshipsDHSE frog a' wooing
DSHE romanceDSHE romanceDSHE musician and stick



Promethea in cageHawkPromethea


Strange Fruit

Strange fruitStill chained after 20 years


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