Lady Sculpture Design

These are some pictures of a number of models made from life in clay and fired. They are set in a dramatic scene using metal or stone. Metal is cast with ceramic into forms Male and Female. They are intended for the open air to suffer or benefit from exposure to the weather.

The artistic challenge is to integrate visually the common denominators of Clay with Stone or Metal; connecting joints, welds, bolts, sheet, slab, and intense heat with position and good fit.

The Dramatic Scenes are a mix of Human, Animal, Mathematical, Mechanical, Physical, Biological, Myths and Tales.

Each piece is unique and not serious. I hope they amuse you - please let me know (Email the sculptor).

Drink Sex and Die

Drink sex and die amongst daisiesDrink sex and die and cobwebs


Coupling of Dragonflies

Coupling of dragonflies


Ophelia and the Last Flower

Ophelia and the last flower in the Christmas snow


Pregnant Pause

Pregnant pausePregnant pause 'reflection'Pregnant pause 'my wildest dream'



Creation from aboveCreation on a hill


Pandora's Box

Pregnant pausePregnant pause 'reflection'Pregnant pause 'my wildest dream'


Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe Ecosse

DSHE and lifeboatDSHE relationshipsDHSE frog a' wooing
DSHE romanceDSHE romanceDSHE musician and stick


Reflections on Beauty

Reflections on beautyRear view


Hugging Folk in Tree

Hugging folk in treeHope



Promethea in cageHawkPromethea



NarcissaNarcissa and Echo


Strange Fruit

Strange fruitStrange fruit


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